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Volos is one of the largest cities in Thessaly and the capital of Magnesia. A large, vibrant and modern city overlooking the Pagasit Bay in the shadow of the beautiful Pelion with its picturesque villages.

It is located in the center of Greece almost between the capital Athens (325 km) and the second capital, Thessaloniki (210 km).

It was built at the foot of Mount Pelion on the site of the ancient Iolkos, where Jason began with Argo and his companions on the Argonautic expedition.

Volos is a beautiful city with an ancient and rich history. Two years after the liberation of Thessaly, in 1883, the municipality of Pagasson was founded, which was renamed the municipality of Volos in 1954. The development of the city until the first post-war years was rapid. Its favorable location, its harbor and the construction of the railway played an important role in the development of crafts, agriculture, industry, as well as in the economic, cultural and social development of this place.

Today Volos is an important industrial center and will charm you with its urban complex and the third largest port in Greece. The economy of the city is based on trade, industry, crafts and tourism. A modern city of cultural prosperity, spiritual creativity, which combines neoclassical with modern.

Volos is one of four cities in which qualifying football matches were held at the 2004 Olympics organized by Athens, the modern Panthessalian stage.

Also in Volos is the University of Thessaly, which was founded in 1954 and gave a new impetus to the city, the municipal district theater and the center of the musical theater.

One of the features of Volos is the dynamism of the city, its vibrant life and a very good market.

It is worth visiting the famous cypuroids in the area, where you can enjoy the established cypuro accompanied by wonderful seafood. Tsipuradika is a tradition coming from refugees from Asia Minor who gathered in small port cafes and drank seafood tsipuro. In the city you will find more than 350 qipur.

Important sights, archaeological sites, a wonderful cultural infrastructure, vibrant art and spiritual life make Volos a dynamic center of the Greek region.

Volos is very close to the beautiful villages of Pelion, the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Pagasit and the Aegean Sea, as well as the islands of Northern Sporades.

It has an excellent tourist infrastructure and has many comfortable hotels, hostels, lounges, intense nightlife, restaurants and, of course, gives you the opportunity to try the famous tsipuro.

A trip to Volos attracts thousands of visitors every year and makes your vacation unforgettable at any time of the year.